Articulate/D2L Gradebook Issue

Aug 15, 2018

Hi all. I am having ZERO luck with having Articulate 3 SCORM packages (SCORM 1.2) be recognized as completed in Britespace (D2L) gradebooks. I have been forced to place a javascript on each slide of the master to force the lesson through to completion and be recognized as such in Britespace (D2L). 

I was wondering if anyone out there has had this issue, or, currently utilizes Britespace (D2L)/ Articulate SCORM packages for lesson delivery.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Dave.  It sounds like a pretty frustrating experience you're having with Storyline 3 output and Britespace.

While I don't have experience with that particular LMS, I'm happy to rule out any issues on the Articulate end that could be impacting the completion. 

  • Is this happening on more than one course?
  • Do your courses use a results slide that tracks other results slides from multiple quizzes?
  • Would you be willing to share an example course with me for testing?  Just attach the .story file to this discussion.

I'm happy to help any way I can!

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