SCORM in LMS - will this keep user input over time?

Sep 08, 2017

We are making a training with variables (using Storyline 2) to capture users personal notes as they go - with a script so we can email it, etc.  BUT we need them to be able to come back to the training over time, and have their notes still be there for them.  We would be hosting this Storyline SCORM output on our LMS (Cornerstone), that each user logs into individually.  

So - if the user logs into the LMS, runs the class, inputs some notes into some fields, then leaves the class... when they come back a few days/weeks/months later and open the course again in the LMS, will what they input still be there for them to further edit and continue with?

I feel like this might be more about the LMS, but isn't that the point of an LMS?  Like this should be there - right?  If so, do we need to do anything specific with our development in Storyline to make sure this works?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katherine,

The variables (the users entered text) will be saved once a user leaves the slide and as long as the "resume" prompt has been enabled to Always or Prompt (and they choose yes to resume). The data in a text entry that is not a part of a question field isn't automatically sent to your LMS, but you could use the method here to report those values. 

You'll also want to check with your LMS team and make sure that the reports they pull will showcase this information to you. 

Hope that helps! 

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