Essay and text not held in Results Slide (or maybe an LMS issue?)

Apr 14, 2014

Hi, Heroes. Please help me understand if this is something I can fix, or if it is an LMS issue.

User logs in via LMS. I have Essays throughout the course where they can type notes into Text Entry boxes, which are saved and can later be printed. The trigger is "Set Text Entry xx equal to the typed value When the control loses focus." Upon Submit, the Essay is submitted.  I have customized report.html to print as desired.

Here's the problem:
A user had to leave the course before finished. When user logged back in, completed the course, and printed their notes. They found that the notes they input before logging out were gone, and only the notes input since they logged in printed. It DID actually hold their notes in the Text Entry boxes on the screen, but did not print out with the notes typed since logging back in. The user was able to click Submit again and then the notes from previous session printed along with the notes from current session.

Is there something I can do to ensure the notes entered will be held in the Results Slide or report.html file, even after logging out of LMS? Please let me know if you need clarification. Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jill,

So after clicking submit again (on the individual essay question pages) the information reappears and the user is able to see the responses on the printed results? It's sounds somewhat similar to this issue, but your users haven't completed the quiz before exiting - I'm curious to know if you've tested this outside your LMS as well, which will help us narrow down where the issue is occurring. You could use a site such as SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard testing method for SCORM Content. 

Jill Freeman

Hi, Ashley. It turns out that this issue did not occur when launched from the LMS, but instead it occurred when the user completed the course from a web site (Review My eLearning). The user accesses the training via a unique link sent to them by email.  No additional login required.

More details:

The user completed half of the essay questions, then exited the course. When they returned later, they completed the rest of the essays and printed them. Only the last half displayed in the printout. While still in the course, they returned to the first half of the essays and saw that their comments were still showing in the text entry boxes. So they slicked Submit on each of these essays (in the first half) and were able to print the complete set of their essay answers (first half and second half).

It is being tested today in the client's LMS. With the additional detail above, do you think it's worth the time to upload it to SCORM Cloud? If you have any additional insights, let me know. I'll post info about the LMS testing being done. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jill,

If the issue didn't occur in an LMS, I think you'd be safe to not test at SCORM Cloud especially if your tight on time. As I understand it the Review my eLearning site is designed mostly to share the set up, content, navigation, etc. with your reviewers and not specifically as a testing platform. You'll always want to test within the intended environment to get a sense of how the course will behave there when finalized - so SCORM Cloud is always a great option if you'll be publishing for LMS. 

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