SCORM interactions not registering on LMS

Oct 12, 2023

I'm currently on the 30 day free trial and as part of my testing I was looking to get information on the amount of time to complete a module (this is required for guided learning hours for an accreditation)

I'm aware this should be available via cmi.core.total_time and my LMS provider supports this reporting.

Is there anything about the 30 day free trial that would prevent this information from pulling through or any other hints and tips for me?

I've tried both Storyline and Rise modules and published on SCORM1.2 and xApi all with the same challenge of no information pulling through on reports.

Appreciate any advice or insights :)

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Eric Santos

Hello Lynne!

Good question; I'm happy to share some insights into this! Your free trial should allow the same LMS reporting as a paid subscription. By default, here are the quiz and survey data that Storyline sends to an LMS:

It does not include the cmi.core.total_time information. Some community members have found a JavaScript solution for this. Although a bit dated, you may find this discussion helpful for your use case:

If you require any further information, please let me know.