SCORM package not working on moodle.

Jan 31, 2017

I am trying to load my zip file onto my MOODLE platform that contains video files. For some reason it does not want to work. The zip files I loaded onto MOODLE without videos do work O.K. The files that contain video have approx 2 - 5 videos inserted into it on marker tabs where each file varies from 30 - 50 MB MP4 files.

When loading the zip files containing video, it only displays a blue line in the package file window on MOODLE.

Can anyone assist?

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Tristan Hunt

This may sound obvious but are you waiting long enough for the file to upload? Seems odd that it wouldn't upload, moodle won't know what the course contents are until after the zip file has finished uploading.

You could also try using FTP to upload to the server and then adding the scorm file using the moodle file browser to locate it.


Michelle Kotulski

Hi Wendy,

Works fine on SCORM Cloud, but not on Two different LMSs? We have an internal LMS and Moodle and I am getting an error on both! AND, when I test it on the mobile, it does not work (from Tempshare) when it normally does. I attached the error I am getting from our LMSs.



Wendy Farmer

Hi Michelle

I'm not familiar with NetDimension but I know there are loads of Moodle users on here.

 The fact that the package uploads and works fine on ScormCloud leads me to believe it is an LMS setting or a permissions issue that is stopping the upload from happening.  

I would be contacting your LMS administrator or LMS vendor support to troubleshoot the issue with you.

All the best.

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