Scorm Sizing Issue


I am new to using Articulate with SCORM but I love how I can integrate it with Moodle! However it seems it seems to be spiting out a random height container which is causing a lot of excess padding. I.e. I have a lesson on the page where the actual project is like 700 x 530 but the height of the iframe/entire package is like 900. So there is a lot of padding on the top and bottom of the project. I am sure this was a little confusing so I have attached a screenshot.

Please Help! Thanks,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

Based on your description alone, I was going to share the info on player elements and what they add in terms of size, but looking at the image - it's a lot more than just a player.

Are you able to test this at SCORM Cloud to see if the behavior is reproducible? You may also want to share here what version of Moodle you're using, as I know some of the newer versions of Moodle have better handling of the iframe issue.