Screen Name in TinCan Statement Not Reflecting Project Screen Name

Oct 07, 2014

Hi Forum

I'm in the process of creating 10 modules in StoryLine (1). Most of the modules start life as a copy of an earlier module so that much of the look and feel and infrastructure is ready and in place.

I've just noticed a problem, however.

Once published to TinCan, I've noticed that a few of the screens 'experienced' in module B are listed with screen names from Module A in the LRS.

The screen names listed in the LRS don't exist in the module being attempted - at least not in any sense that can be accessed via the StoryLine development environment. I can only assume that the names being reported in the LRS are a hangover from the module that this module was copied from.

Below is a snippet from the LRS:

    "object": {
        "id": "6hvScMbi89b",
        "definition": {
            "name": {
                "und": "Emotional changes of puberty - summary"
            "description": {
                "und": "Emotional changes of puberty - summary"
            "type": "module"
        "objectType": "Activity"

The name and description nodes listed in the snippet don't exist as screen titles or names in the module being reported on (or exist in the player menu), but did in an earlier module - probably the module that this module was originally copied from.

Has anyone noticed this before? More importantly, does anyone have any ideas of how to refresh the hunk of the back-end that keeps track of the screen names so that a re-export will render the screen titles properly?

I have refreshed the player menu from scratch and re-exported to see if that helped. It didn't.



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