Screen Reader Incompatible with Custom Quiz Results Review Slides

I’m working on building a series of brief review quizzes in Storyline 360. The goal is to keep the quizzes simple for easy replication of 508-compliant content. I cannot get the screen reader to read all of the necessary elements for a learner to review their progress after submitting all of their quiz answers.

After reading several forums about how Storyline’s review quiz results feature creates review slides with certain functions that cannot be changed, I decided to create custom review slides that used variables to cause learners to see the same incorrect/correct feedback they saw when the question was first submitted. I used a combination of suggestions from this article/YouTube video and Bob Kaart’s first reply to this thread.

I’ve used a tempshare link to test the published file in version 11.0.9600 of Internet Explorer using JAWS 18.0. The file was published to my desktop, not a shared server. What I’ve noticed is the screen reader only reads the text associated with the correct or incorrect feedback layers when a learner reviews results; there is no context for the feedback because the question and the choices are not read again from the base layer. There is no option to control this functionality using tab order. While I can normally work around this problem by copying all of the items on the base layer to the other layers so the screen reader will read them, in this instance, copying the multiple choice interaction from the base layer to the feedback layers gets rid of the learner’s submitted answer on the base layer, which in turn would impact the triggers for the feedback itself.

Is there any way to ensure the screen reader re-reads the question, options, and selected answer before it reads the correct/incorrect feedback when a learner reviews their results?

I’ve attached the story file, as well as a Word file explaining the custom variables included, in case that helps with context. The tempshare link to the published output should be viable through 11/25.

Thanks in advance for any insight the community can provide!

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