Screen Reader Reads out Previous tags on copied/pasted pages

Jan 23, 2020


I often copy content from other screen and courses when using some similar interaction/functionality. I have to be careful to change all labels and alt-tags. However, I just noticed that alt-tags from the original version still seem to be read out at times by screen readers. I've attached 2 images. The first one is the screen as it starts which has five buttons going to five different layers. Everything on this page is read out correctly according to the Alt-Tags. The second shot is of the second layer. Everything is read out correctly until you tab back to the first button. The screen reader then reads out the original tag. This happens on subsequent layers too on all the previously visited buttons. If you navigate through without going back there are no problems. I can't for the life of me find out where the system is getting the original ALT-Tag from.

I have also included an image of the tab order showing the tagging on each button.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi William and Meagan!

I can see how this is frustrating! I'd like to gather more details since this was a bug fix that we included in Update 36 for Storyline 360. 

Are you hearing the original ALT text read using JAWS in Update 36? Also, from what you've stated, it sounds like the main culprits are images and buttons that have been pasted from other courses. Is that correct? 

Lastly, is this happening in a published output like a web browser or is it Preview in Storyline 360?

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention! I'll be here to investigate with you!

William Beardsley


If by update 36 you mean the very latest version of Articulate 360 (which includes the accessibility changes), then no I have not tested using that version. We are having all sorts of problems using that version so I have rolled back. If this bug (of reading old ALT Text from pasted buttons) is only fixed in the latest version then we are in trouble as our team cannot move to this new version until it works as it really should. I have a report case outstanding on this #02138314.

Tama Minter

I have had this issue and found that sometimes the alt text is part of the objects state. If I go to the States tab and edit the state of the object, I find the old alt text there. In some cases, it isn't alt text from a copied button, but a new one I have created and added text, such as "Next." On the Accessibility screen it shows the button text in the alt text field, but then if I edit the state and check the Accessibility screen, the alt text just says "button." I have never figured out exactly why this happens, as it seems random and has happened on objects that have only ever had one state, new objects, and copied objects. 

William Beardsley

Hi Tama,

What you are saying makes sense but I am usually very thorough in checking that states do not have alt-tags. I make sure that the alt-tag is on the button only. My buttons (in this scenario) only have 2 states. Just to be sure I did a check and found that there was nothing alt-tagged on either state of my buttons just the button itself.

Thank you, it was worth a try and it would have been good if you were right as your solution would have been much easier than something that is hidden that we cannot access.

Kind regards,

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