Screen Recording

I'm building a simulation (try-me) for an application using Storyline.

The aspect ratio of the monitors for the end users' are 4x3 (1280x1024), where as the application is wide (mostly 16:9 ratio).

The application consists of a lot of field entries. So if I zoom out to fit the entire screen, the quality is compromised and is hardly legible. 

I want to know what is the best canvas size I can use so that, the screen recording can fit without having to compromise on quality or scroll or zoom in/out. Also I want to make optimal use of the white space around.

Any suggestions?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Bhuvana,

Great question! The best rule of thumb is to match your story size to the screen recording size; that way you can avoid scaling.

This article here gives some excellent tips and additional resources for screen recordings. Take a look and see if it helps! You can also check out this superb discussion here on recording bigger than the story size while keeping the aspect ratio the same.