Screen Recording Backgound image has shrunk by itself and cannot be changed!!!

Nov 14, 2018

OK Gurus, here is my issue. I'm trialing Storyline 3 for my boss, as he wants to see how it works before purchasing (he's a Captivate devotee). Anyway, I have recorded a software simulation based on a simple MS Access contacts database to prove if Articulate is the tool for us. (OK, I hear you saying..."YES OF COURSE IT IS!"....and I'm already convinced, although with some reservation over the number of crashes I have suffered and I still need to convince the boss)

Anyway here is the problem. I have an issue with the screen static background image which appears to be auto-generated by the Screen Action Recording and which cannot be changed. I have been using the 'zoom region' function to get a closer look at some areas of the screen to better demonstrate functions to potential students/client (see image 1 from the slide before the problem slide, the green outline is the area being zoomed into). On a number of slides the 'zoom region' lasts the entire length of the timeline, so that the entire slide remains zoomed into the area I require; however on one occasion I adjusted the start and end points of the 'Screen Recording Action', using the 'Action Fine Tuning'. When I had finished, carried on and at some point, the program crashed. When I restarted the Storyline 3, I noticed that the static background image had shrunk and centre located itself (see image 2, the problem slide). Now this static background image cannot be resized so I am stuck with it. I have tried to resetting the original timings, but this has not worked, even when I have removed the zoom from the timeline completely. So far it seems the only option I have is to blank the whole of the slide with a white box and then have a .png image over the top to recreate the original static slide background that was originally generated as part of the screen recording action.

I have also suffered a number of crashes, which has resulted in the auto-generated feedback to Articulate, on one of these occasions, I lost all my Master Slides I had built together with the system resetting a lot of the fonts that were related to the mater slide format....but this is a separate issue I have now managed to rebuild most of what I had lost, (I had a previously saved version only 1 hour old so only lost an hour)

Any ideas how to resolve this please on my initial problem?

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Chris Clift

Further update:

So I tried copying the previous slide and rebuilding the next slide to replace the corrupted one. I was able to rebuild the slide and change the start and end points of the Screen Record Action. All seemed fine, then I previewed the slide and exactly the same shrinkage occurred. There was no crash, just the screen record action shrinking again. When I came out of preview mode, the display was still shrunk as image 2. I did an undo function and the image representing the screen record action came back to the correct size but I had lost my new in/out points, this being the last thing I did. I removed the zoom region from the timeline and tried again but the same thing happened.

Any ideas anyone???

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chris and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Curious if the issue happens in any course you are working on or just this particular one?

If you cannot re-create the issue in a new course, I would advise to import the file into a new one and proceed.

If it's happening in any/all files, you should certainly conduct a repair of your software.

If you're still running into difficulty after that troubleshooting, please reach out to work directly with a support engineer here.

Chris Clift

Hi Ashley

Not sure what you mean by starting a case. Can you explain please?

Since the issue has already been fixed in Storyline 360, I'm guessing they use similar, if not identical code blocks, couldn't a fix be implemeted really quickly in Storyline 3 as it appears to be exactly the same problem that Storyline 360 suffered from?


Chris Clift

Hi Ashley,

My bad, I got confused with a similar issue I'm having with Storyline 3 at the moment, please ignore the last comment as it relates to, which is also related to screen recording.

Katie Riggio

Hi, Chris. No worries, and sorry for any confusion there!

I see you're already knee-deep in troubleshooting with one of our Support rockstars, Anna. You're in great hands, and I have connected this discussion to your support case. I'll follow along as it progresses so I can also share any important updates here if needed!

Chris Clift

OK have done some digging on this and have found that this issue may be due to a change in 'Story Size Setup' as the original project was started 720x405 and the screen recording resolution was 1108x532. but to get the project to display better on larger monitors, the project was resized to 1920x1080.

Interestingly, it all imported fine and played fine, until you trimmed the start/end points of a screen recording, at which point the recording relocated itself to the centre of the screen at what was about half resolution. If you reset the strat/end points, the problem would go away, but you would have the wrong start/end points.

Since I had already built most of the rest of the project, I couldn't restart from scratch, although admittedly, I don't remember attempting to import the whole slide set into a new 1920x1080 project, so this might have worked, rather than converting the existing project to 1080.

My resolution was to do all the editing of in/out points in a 720x405 project then import hose slides into the 1080 project and then copy across all the other components (buttons, images, triggers etc) from the older screen recording slides to the new screen recording slides. 

This may not have been the most efficient way of doing things and it was a bit of a b**-ache, but it worked.

Lesson learnt. Next time I will start the project at the correct resolution before doing anything else.

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