screen recording error "Articulate Storyline has stopped working"

Hello Everyone - thanks for stopping by!

I would be extremely grateful if you can provide any advice or suggestions on how to remedy the following error encountered while trying to use the screen recording function in Storyline:

When i record screens i get the below error message this happens after completion of the recording when i click done i get this message:

The screen recording does not save at all i also deactivated the programme and reactivated it again i still experience the same problem.

Thanks for any advice in advance

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David Janus

Hi Peter, thanks for your response, however when I go to your link it just takes me to a list of support categories - were there any specific steps your recommend for the above problem?

I'm thinking it's something to do with either antivirus or permissions - anyone else see the above error befoer?

Peter Anderson

Hey David,

Sorry about that. Not sure what happened there. Here's the link I meant to post. It's more of a troubleshooter for unexpected and erratic behavior, but if you've got everything in the link covered, I'd go ahead and submit this to our support team. It doesn't look a common error. Thanks!