Screen Recording

Jan 06, 2014

One issue I'm having with Screen Recording is not being able to adjust the size of the Try it steps. So if I want to have a Master Slide with with when I put in a Screen Recording with Try It steps the Recording will take up the entire slide. We can have the recording box a little larger than what we're trying to record and then add stuff around the edges but that somewhat defeats the ease of having slide masters. Anyone else have any work arounds?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jacob,

If you set your recording size to the same size as your story size, it'll take up the whole slide by default. You may want to look at changing the recording size to a bit smaller than your Story size, and then you should have to blank space around the step by step images once inserted into Storyline. There is some similar discussion in this thread, with an example from Donna that may assist you. 

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