Screen Recording Issues - Recording Area

Nov 03, 2019

Every time I try to record a simulation in Articulate 360, the area I select is not the area that is recorded. When I select Full Screen, it goes partially into my second monitor during the recording. For this recording (attached) I set it to 700x900px, but it recorded more on the screen. You can see in the slides where the recorder was supposed to be - in fact you see the recorder too. Obviously these recordings are now useless because as far as I know they can't be edited - the sizing of them anyway.

How does this happen and how can I avoid this happening? Is this something I'm doing?

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Stefanie Pielahn

Is this an issue caused because i have two monitors? I tried it with only one monitor connected because in doing some research i noticed the instructions for how to record simulations say multi-monitor recording is not supported and wondered if that was it. Tried it with one monitor only and voila, screen recording area matches what was selected. Just leaving this here for confirmation that it wasn't a fluke. Thanks! :)

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