Can't get recording/screen/story size resolutions to match

Jul 19, 2016

I have set my computer's resolution to 1280x720 and set my storysize to 1280x720 as well. Yet, when I try to record the screen, with the recorder set to 1280x720 I only get a capture area that is part of the screen. If I stretch the box to full screen size, my recorded content when added to the slide only appears in the upper left corner. Can anyone help out. Here is what I see when I open the recorder...

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

Thanks for sharing that screenshot here - and I'm guessing based on showing the "Apply" button greyed out that's indicating the change took place? Did you also try changing the screen recording option to capture the full screen? I know you mentioned capturing the entire screen, but you may also want to review some of the ideas and best practices here in terms of how to conduct the screen recording for best quality. 

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