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May 28, 2013

Hi Articulate community,

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to a problem we have recently encountered at work. We are working on a course showing users how to use our software through the use of screen recordings and narration. Our problem is that our software is so large that the finished screen recording is so small it is difficult to read and does not look professional. The smallest size we can record at is 891x751 and it is still hardly legible.

If anyone has any work-arounds or advice on how they have overcome this obstacle in the past I WOULD BE VERY GREATFUL.

I have attached a screenshot of how the software looks after being screen recorded if that helps at all. 

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Ryan McDonald

I had a similar sort of challenge, in which the courses I am building focus a lot on screen recordings for software tutorials.  In many instances, we're trying to show code editors with large windows and small text. 

In my case, I set up my Story size to 1366 x 768 pixels.  Whenever we had to do any screen recordings of the software and code editors, we adjusted the computer's resolution to 1366 x 768.  We then had to make a couple of sizing adjustments to the window that was running the actual software based on the screen resolution and/or increase the size of the text in the code editor, etc.  However, this worked quite well for our purposes. Matching the resolution of the Story size with the resolution of the screen recordings seems to have mitigated any unanticipated visual issues.

In some of the more extreme cases, we had to manually add some zooming-in effects onto the screen recording via Storyline.

Ryan McDonald

I manually resized the frame of the screen recorder tool to match the full size of the screen, which in my case was 1368 x 768.  

I had some subject matter experts use other tools, such as SnagIt, to record their screens for their demos and the results have been the same.  They would simply adjust their computer's screen resolution to 1366 x 768 and then use their screen recording tool to capture the full screen. 

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