Screen recording playing automatically in try-mode - no way to turn autoplay off?

Dec 19, 2016

Hi community,

I am creating a module currently where I demonstrate certain steps in a software and then I would like the users to try themselves. Works fine for the steps where they have to click somewhere and the recording only plays when they click on a certain hotspot. (I have used step-by-step recording and have inserted the steps in try-mode)

If, however, I want them to drag an object to a hotspot first in order for the recording step to play, this does not work. The recording always starts automatically at the point in the timeline but I want that recording to start as soon as the trigger is fulfilled (i.e. dragging an object somewhere and that triggering the playing of the recording).

I can set triggers as much as I want but the recording always starts when the timeline reaches the point.
Workaround would be to extend the timeline and then squeezing the recording towards the end so that the user has enough time to execute the steps first, but that is not really an alternative for me...

Does anyone perhaps know if there is an easy way to fix this that I am just not seeing at the moment?




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Tim Ivanic

Hi Luke,

thanks, but that was exactly what I've tried. Still, this would not override the autoplay when the timeline reached the beginning of the screen recording.The trigger does work, because the screen recording plays a second time if the drag-and-drop is done, but only after playing it automatically...

I've also looked for a way to only have the screen recording play when a certain condition is fulfilled but didn't find anything ad hoc.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tim, 

One workaround I would suggest is to duplicate the slide for the drag and drop interaction. On the first of the two identical slides, right-click the screen recording in the timeline, and select Action Fine Tuning. Then un-check Show Animation - now the first slide no longer has a screen recording, but only a static screenshot. Insert your drag and drop interaction on this slide, and add a trigger to Jump to slide Next slide when object dropped on [correct drop target]. 

On the second of the two identical slides, remove the hotspot so the screen recording will play automatically, and add a trigger to Jump to slide Next slide when timeline ends on [current slide].

I hope this is helpful!

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