Screen Recording Size Shift on Text Entry Slides

Nov 02, 2015

I've created a simulation with Try Mode Steps and it works great, except for the Text Entry slides. It seems the screen recordings change size by a 1/2 pixel on these slides - noticeably enough that these screens "shift" slightly. (I've also noticed this occurs on any slide when I deselect Show Animation in Action Fine Tuning and when I insert a screenshot saved from Action Fine Tuning/Save Frame at Original Size.)

Is this a known issue or does anyone have any suggestions on how to address this?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Paul -- Thanks so much for sharing your file! Unfortunately, I may not have an opportunity to review your file immediately, so if this is an urgent matter, you may feel free to reach out to our Support Staff directly using this form. Otherwise, thanks for your patience, and I will be in touch with my findings as soon as possible! :)

Paul DeHorn

This is the response I just received from Articulate Support (case #00687573). A bit disconcerting. 

"Hi Paul,

 Thank you for the clarification. Now I see the shift you are describing.  I was not able to find what exactly is causing the slight shift since the background image of your application can't be moved.  You also noted that the difference may be that slide 2 does not have any screen animation while the two other slides do.  I do not see any possible workarounds to eliminate the slight shift.  I cannot guarantee if or when a fix will be created for this but I will send a report to Quality Assurance so that they will be aware of the issue.  

 Let me know if you need anything else!

 John Say

 Articulate Support -"


Christie Pollick

Hi, Paul -- I also encountered the same issue you described when I ran some testing of your file, and I apologize that there is not a workaround available at this time to address this behavior. I will certainly share any and all updates I receive from QA here in the thread as I receive them. 

Perhaps others in the community will be able to share some suggestions that may work for you. 

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