Screen Recording Storyline 360 - Screenshots not fullscreen

Dear all,

hope you can help me. As you can see attached I record my screen and save as "picture slide per slide". I change the resolution at the beginning of the record session ("Full screen") but the screenshots are not on my whole slide (it looks then very small).  I have to record a huge process and otherwise it will take me too much time to change it manually.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Markus,

When you're doing the screen recording, if you want the final image to appear at the size of your slides, you'll want to record at the same screen size/ratio as your story size.  Take a look at the steps here to change your story size - and I'd do that before recording. 

When you insert a screen recording as step by step slides, it becomes a part of your background graphics so the item can't be resized. That'll also help so that things on the slide like captions and the screen recording actions don't get jumbled by mistake.