Screen Recording with Articulate Storyline vs Screenr for video quality

Jun 02, 2015

Hi all 

I've been recording some short narrated  screen captures using the 'Record Screen' function in Articulate Storyline. 

I've finding the resolution of the capture is not as sharp as I would like it to be and was about to test using Screenr, when I see that this is a Java-enabled web-based version of the same technology! 

Has anyone noticed any differences or no of any other good (free) screen recording tools they recommend? (Or better still, a way to get better res out of AS?) 

Your thoughts are appreciated :) 




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Dani Edwards

Awesome! Thanks guys. Because Screenr uses Java, which Chrome doesn't like, I had a few issues getting that to work properly, but I'm about to test with a re-output of quality settings in Storyline now - THANKS!

FWIW, I found Screencast-o-matic really useful for the (software demonstration) purpose of my current project.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Brynne,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you see with your published screen recordings.

We do advise to follow the tips shared here, especially to set the Player Size to 'Lock player at optimal size' to prevent scaling.

We have seen some reports of users continuing to experience some compression, even when following those recommendations. In this case, I'd recommend sharing your .story file with our support team here so that we can take a closer look while we investigate.