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Mar 08, 2013


Is there a time limit for screen recordings in Storyline?  I believe Screenr is limited to 15 minutes. Or is filesize the issue in terms of length of recording?  If so, do you have any suggested guidelines on the length of a screen recording in Storyline before you hit potential problems with filesize? 

Thank you!

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Ann Potts

I don't know the "replay" terminology so let me tell you the process used. 

I create the course in Studio 13, using a combination of Presenter, Engage interactions, and Quizmaker for the testing.  Each course does have an audio track as well.  I then publish the courses straight out of Presenter into Articulate Online.

So I'm imagining that there may be a maximum but also you might recommend less than that maximum just due to the file size.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ann,

I think we may be talking about different things - 

This thread was about the length of a screen recording, which was conducted in Storyline. The screen recording will only allow you to record up to 2 hours - same with Replay, which is one of the tools within Studio '13 and you can find out more about it here. 

In regards to your overall file size, length of your course (slides/questions/etc.) there is not a maximum - but it's playback and speed when viewing may depend on the elements you've included and the internet speed at which users are accessing the course. 

To make playback as smooth as possible, published Articulate Studio '13 courses preload content in the following order:

  1. Assets are loaded for the first slide (or the current slide when resuming) to allow the course to begin playing right away.
  2. Assets are then loaded for the next three slides to prevent playback delays.
  3. Assets are then loaded for the remainder of the course.
Ann Potts

Sorry if I confused things by adding to this thread... I had done a search on course duration and thought I'd add to it even though it was about a different product line. :-)

I do use Replay for other things but wasn't sure if it was enabled within how a typical Studio course is created.  Glad to know about its capacity though it ends up not being directly relevant to my use in this case.

Thanks for sharing the method by which content loads and mentioning the internet speed too.  This client does have internet slowness in general so I'm glad you brought up that up too!

Appreciate the quick response.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ann,

No worries - we're always happy to help! Replay isn't built into Presenter, Engage, etc. but you can use them in conjunction as Replay publishes to an MP4. 

Also, you mentioned you're using Articulate Online, so I did want to share that there has been some slow loading recently - and you can stay up to day at the current status here: http://www.articulatestatus.com/

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