Screen recordings

Apr 18, 2016

Hello all, I have a screen recording included in a Storyline file as a 'View it'.

I was wondering if it is possible to:

  • Put an image in the background? The current screengrab picture seems unselectable. I have tried putting in an image and sending it to back but it stays on top of the screengrab image. I've tried editing the master slide used but the added bg image doesnt even show up on the content slide.
  • Scale the content of the slide? Again I can grab the mouse animation and captions but not the screengrab picture.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steven,

When you insert a screen recording as step by step slides into Storyline it does become a part of the background graphics but you're unable to move/change it based on that set up. That ensure that the sizing stays consistent across the slides. So there isn't a way to change it's overall size, position, etc. You could look at recording at a smaller size than your story size if you'd prefer it take up less space on the stage. 

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