Screencast and play audio file problem


I've some problem with screencast and audio file and I've not find the solution.

We did a demo to simulate a software. Capture software screen with Storyline 2.

Then create slide with this video screencast and 3 or 4 audio file (speaker) to explain.

In preview everythings ok, but in published version, html5, slide 2 and 3 the first audio file doesn't play. The interaction has problems when you click on the active area, the image flick.

In flash version the audio file works properly, but remains thi fastidious flick on the interactive page.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance for any tip you will give me







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Emily Ruby

Hi Massimiliano,

Sorry you are experiencing issues. When I click to the second slide, I do hear audio right away. However when the second text box animates, there is nothing. I also do not see any flickering, I am just getting the incorrect feedback layers popping up. Could you share the .story source file itself? I would like to take a look and see how it is behaving in preview.


Massimiliano Michetti

Hi Emily,

thanks for your help.

In every page there are more audio file.

When I say "flick" I intend that in the exercise part when you click on the active area there is a little movement like an image is not perfectly overlaid.

This behaviour is only on published file.


Donna Parham

I am having this problem too. My audio and video play fine in Chrome on a PC, but on Firefox on my Mac I don't hear the audio.

I tried moving the audio farther down the timeline just 1/8 sec and now it works. Do I have to go through my file and do this for every audio file on a video slide, or is there another way to fix it?