HTML5 Audio Issues

Dec 21, 2016


I posted a synopsis of one of my training mods to my website and the HTML5 audio track didn't load properly.  We needed to replace it with a flash version.

Because the course is 30 minutes long and I just wanted a demo, I sliced several sections together and therefore have 3-4 audio tracks on the story file.  When published the 1st audio track wouldn't play.  Any ideas why this might happen?

I've attached the demo story file for your review.

Appreciate any ideas for fixing this.

Best regards,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Niomi,

Thank you for reaching out and for sharing your file here. I tested the published HTML5 output and like you said, I saw that the first audio track did not play. Out of curiosity, I moved the first audio track in the timeline up one second (so it starts at 1sec instead of 0sec), and it plays as expected. Here is a link to the published output so you can test it on your end. 

I'm going to report this issue to our Quality Assurance team, and I'll post any updates here in this discussion thread. In the mean time, the workaround I would suggest is to move all of the objects on the timeline up one second so the audio will automatically play in HTML5.

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