Screencast: No text-entry with master template

Mar 19, 2019


I'm doing screencasts for a simulation, with text-entry, directly into a Master Template I've created. Whenever I record it, all the text-entry slides disappear, leaving only hotspot slides. I have tried the recording in a blank storyline and all text-entries are generated.

Any suggestions?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Rafik. It's strange that the text entry slides are not automatically generated in your master template, but they are generated in a blank Storyline file. 

Would you mind sharing your master template with our team so we can test it on our side? We'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting. If that works for you, you can upload your file privately to our support team here. We'll give it a test and let you know what we find!

Ashley Green

Appreciate you reaching out Lauren - thank you so much!

Chrome is our preferred browser where I work. I'm doing screen recordings of workflows in our clinician dashboard platform (it's a proprietary product we've developed). Everything else seems to work just fine, with the exception of the text entry boxes being generated for the fields I'm populating in our platform. Once I discovered Chrome is not recommended, I tried MicroSoft Edge instead AND did a clean re-install of Storyline 360 just in case. Still no luck unfortunately. It's strange because I believe it worked at least once in the past (a couple of months ago), but I haven't been able to get it to work again and to the best of my knowledge am not doing anything different this time around.

Thanks for following up with me!


Kelly Auner

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for providing these details!

That was a good call testing your project in a different browser. You are correct that Google Chrome has some limitations, as described here:

  • Since Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser, have you tried using Firefox? 
  • Is this happening with a specific existing project? Have you tried importing the slides into a new Storyline file, and then creating a new screen recording?

If you're comfortable sharing your .story file here, or privately in a support case, we'd be happy to take a look!

Ashley Green

Hey Kelly - Thank you for the reply. I have not tried Firefox yet, but I'll
give that a try next time. I'm actually in the process of creating more
such modules that will entail text entry boxes in a software simulation
(over the next couple weeks). I'll update you on whether that helps or if
I'm still having issues.

Hope you and the team have a great long weekend!