Screencast was 4:3, changed to 16:9 - is there any way to adjust the content in the slides?

Apr 19, 2021

I did a screencast in "try mode" that was 4:3, but it should be in 16:9.  When I adjusted the story size from the Design ribbon, all the slides expanded to the new ratio, but the images that make up the background did not automatically adjust.  Now instead of top and bottom bars in every slide, there's a big gap on the right side.

I can't find a way adjust the images that were brought into the slides from the screen recording to match the new aspect ratio.  

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Mike Preble

Just to button up this request for anyone in the future that does a search for it, here's the response I received from support:

Adjusting the size of the image in the step-by-step slide is not something Storyline supports.

I recommend doing the screen recording using the 16:9 ratio to fit exactly in a 16:9 Story size. 

I'm sorry that the solution I provided would require you to re-record your screen.