Screenrecording failed

Jan 26, 2022


I have a problem with a screenrecording; in stead of the entire window, only a fourth of the window's screenrecording is actually visible in the recording (and slides). I' ve exported the recording as an MP4 file, but kept the same problem (see the attachement for an image of the screen). screenrecord fail

I've made a screenrecording, inserted it as step-by-step slides (try mode) steps, and created a new story.file. The recording was on a 2nd screen, with a lot of systems running. But that should not effect the recording right?

Can you tell me if and how i can save my recording? Or is all my work lost and should i start over? 

Kind regards. 

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Becca Levan

Hi Lisa!

Thank you for sharing a screenshot, and I'm sorry to hear you had issues with your recording. If your last recording didn't record the correct part of the screen you selected, I'd recommend doing it over and following these steps:

If you're still having issues after following those guidelines, connect with us in a support case so we can take a closer look!