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Apr 11, 2013

We recently went through a Storyline training course and a coworker thought the trainer said you can download a storyboard with the audio script to make edits, then you can reimport it into Storyline and it auto-applies the edits?  I'm confused about this.  Might this be simply publishing to word?  Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

Thanks for any input.


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Mike Enders


It's possible that your coworker combined a couple of different features into one.  

Feature 1: You can Publish to Word, to view the notes, etc. However, this can't be edited and reimported.

Feature 2: You can export via the translation feature (click Articulate circle > translation).  This allows you to translate the on screen text, slide titles, etc.  And then reimport (thereby changing the text).  However, the audio script/notes pane isn't included in this.


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