Scroll bar does not appear in slide notes in one scene only

I tried to review existing information before posting this as a question, but it has me stumped.

All of the other scene slides with notes (side bar left) show the scroll bar so viewers can read all of the notes.  Except this one scene!  There is one slide that the notes are long enough that the viewer needs to be able to scroll to view the entire text.

I've checked the Player, I had renamed Notes to Transcript, but had no issues. It's just occurring in the last scene that I added.

Is there anything I've missed?





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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mary,

Where is the published version being hosted/shown in the screenshot? I know for example Safari (mobile and I believe desktop) doesn't show scroll bars until you start scrolling. If you're still having difficulty and it's just that one slide, have you tried rebuilding or duplicating the slide and/or importing it into a new project file to resolve any odd behavior.