Unwanted blank space at bottom of Notes


I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with unwanted blank space at the bottom of the text on their Notes tab. There is either: a) a scroll bar where none should be, or b) a scroll bar that allows the user to scroll too far, such that there is only one line of text at the far top of the Notes sidebar. I've already verified that there isn't any unwanted space in the Notes tab text itself, nor is there any formatting weirdness when I paste things into Notepad. It makes the lesson look buggy. Any ideas?






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Judy Nollet

I wish I could help. I've seen Scroll Panels that also add a whole lotta white space at the bottom, even though there are no additional returns or other content. There's gotta be some bug in the system. You can Submit a Case to the Articulate team, though it's impossible to say how long it'd take them to fix this.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Phil!

You're right, things look pretty funky when pasting any text from NotePad! It seems like NotePad formats text in a way that doesn't display properly in Storyline 360. You can see my test here.

As I mentioned in my Peek, it might be best to use either Microsoft Word or Google Docs which format text the same way as Storyline.