Issue with notes alignment in the player in articulate Storyline 1

Hello to everyone,


I am currently facing an issue with the notes in articulate storyline 1. They happen to appear in different alignments on the different pages of the training I just built. Said training is set to display the notes to the user in the player, unfortunately there is a blank space before the text starts and its size varies. I already cleared the format from the notes’ text and adjusted it again; I also tried to manually delete the blank spaces by “backspacing” before the first sentence of the text. Nothing worked so far. The text font and size is perfectly fine, and there is now blank space displayed when I edit the notes, it just happened to be there when I preview the module (also when I launch the published version). Is there any secret trick I might not know?

Desperate but very kind regards


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Alexandra U.

Hi Emily,


I tried to save a copy on my local folder (we are working with a shared disc at my agency), edit it again by deleting the format from the notes and applying the right parameters again. The problem still seems to occur, but I'm not exactly sure it really is "erratic" behavior. I think articulate is just auto converting the starting point of the text depending on how much text is in the notes. I find this articulates lack of obedience disturbing, in this point.

Thanks for trying anyways!