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Oct 17, 2014

FIXED! On 5/5/2016, Articulate Storyline 2 Update 8 was released, which essentially fixed this issue. You can download the latest version of Storyline 2 at this link. New issues:

  • If your Notes tab in the player is first or the only tab, the slide title may run into the Notes text. This can be fixed by either adding a line/paragraph break at the beginning of the notes on each slide (approx. 2-3 sec. per slide to fix) or by moving the Notes tab so that it's not first. 
  • Also the dividing line between the slide title and notes in the Notes tab may cut through the title. This line can be "removed" by modifying the Player Colors>Transcript>div element to match the background color (Menu>bg)

My team is experiencing the following problem with all projects in Articulate Storyline 2. In the Player, the Menu text is crisp and clear, but the Notes text is noticeably blurry. The low text quality looks like the anti-aliasing is out of control. This phenomenon occurs in projects that are upgraded from Storyline 1 and in projects that are newly created in Storyline 2. 

To demonstrate the issue more clearly, I created a project in Storyline 1 with identical slides that have a different 12-pt font in the Notes area. As you can see in this demo, the Menu and Notes text are both equally crisp and clear. I then opened that same exact project in Storyline 2, which automatically upgraded it. As you can see in this demo, the Notes text in the published output is noticeably blurry / fuzzy. I have also attached both Storyline project files in a zip archive.

Other things I've tried that had no effect:

  • Updating Storyline 2 - We're running the latest version that was released on Oct. 3, 2014.
  • Changing the player display properties to be resize the browser to the optimal size and to lock the player at the optimal size.
  • Using the Clear Formatting icon
  • Trying larger and smaller font sizes.

I'm getting push-back from clients about this noticeable difference in the published output, so any help to get this resolved will be helpful.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Robert! I popped in to check on your support case after you mentioned that you had not heard from anyone. 

It just seems that communication was crossed. Your support case was submitted and at the same time Ashley was assisting you. So support tested and confirmed your issue, Ashley updated the issue and reported it to our QA Team, and all of your threads and cases were flagged for update when applicable.

We have no update to provide at this time.

Derek Frankhouser

Hi Ashley and Leslie,

I experienced the same problem recently while working in Storyline 2 for the first time, and like the other folks here, I want to express how eager I am to see an update that fixes this issue. 

My team uses the notes panel to provide transcriptions for audio and video content, and it's clear that the blurry notes panel is not hitting the same visual notes, both aesthetically and in terms of legibility, as the rest of the content in our slides. We don't feel comfortable offering this to our users. Due to our commitment to providing accessible content, we've actually been holding off using Storyline 2 to publish new content until this feature is fixed. 

Is there anything you can do to push this along? I would be so grateful to see this feature look as slick as the rest of SL2's offerings. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Derek,

Its something we've shared with our QA team, but I don't have any updates to share. What we have done is continue to share the comments in this thread as a part of that report so that our team is aware of the number of users being impacted and comments such as yours. We'll post any additional information here once it becomes available. 

Belen Ferrer

Marco, just be aware that if your users' screens don't allow them to make their windows big enough to accommodate your player at optimal size, they will have to scroll around and won't be able to see the whole window all at once.

In other words, the lack of scaling works both ways, bigger and smaller. Maybe this was obvious to you, but I found out through trial and error. This is the main reason we never use the "Optimal Size" setting with our projects.

jordan weisman

I have been following this issue for around 3 months now, waiting for it to be resolved. I have used Story line for years and agree it's a fantastic product. However, This "issue" is a bug in the program and should be fixed ASAP. I don't feel comfortable releasing narration notes to high paying customers when it is blurred. As eLearning Developers/Instructional Designers we have standards that we have to abide by, and this hinders some of them. 

Udi Gilboa

Hi Ashley,

We have launched in 2014 a comprehensive training program for our product. The program is based on Storyline version 1 and contains 7 hours of online training. Recently we have made updates to this program and unfortunately had to continue with version 1 due to the blurry notes issue.

I fail to understand how a solid and respectable company allows itself to release a new version with this flaw. Working many years in software development, the solution seems very simple to me: check the code developed in version 1 dealing with the Notes' text, compare this code to the same function in version 2 and find out what went wrong in version 2.  Provide an update to version 2 fixing this problem.

We do appreciate the product' functionality and want to continue using it. The current problem (with the suggested workaround) does not allow us to make any changes or further development using version 2.

Appreciate your response and plan how this will be resolved and by when.




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