scroll bar issues

I submitted an issue a few days ago and so far haven't heard back from anyone.  I want my text box input to grow in size as the student types.  I've tried all of the text box format settings and they don't work.  I've added a scroll bar to a fixed size text input box but the scroll bar itself is not visible to the player although you can scroll up and down.  I want the text input box to behave the same way the 'notes' section on the slide behaves i.e. you can actually see the slider on the right hand side of the text input box. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

There are three different features that each work a different way.

  • Text box holds static text and the alignment options in the format settings pertain to the actual text box
  • The text input field is a fixed position designed to add text input to adjust the variable. It is not designed to respond to the user input and expand as the user keeps typing, which is what you want.
  • The scroll panel holds content and the scroll bars only appear if the content inside the scroll panel exceeds the size of the panel.

The effect you want of the input dynamically expanding as the user types into it is not a feature currently available.