Scroll bar missing in scrollable content (Text entry box, recalling text)

Jan 26, 2016

I, just like many other Storyline users, have been having tons of trouble with text input boxes and text recalls. As a work around for our current issue (recalled text is being shrunk down to fit in the recall box, even when that option is turned off) I'm now using another text entry box to recall text (rather than a normal text box with %variablename% script) This has worke GREAT. The text does not resize, and you can actually scroll it if you type lots of text. 

However–theres always a however!– storyline does not produce a scroll bar, even though there is a scroll available.  

Is there a way to turn this scroll bar on? 

If your getting crafty and suggesting putting the TEB in a scroll panel, i've tried it; both at a size that fits in the scroll box, and at a really long size that utilizes the scroll area. For some reason, it shows the bottom of the scrollable content rather than the top, and theres no fix for this issue as of yet. (see that discussion here: ) Thats not any better. 


I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I'm desperate to be able to show ALL of the users entered text, without compromising the size of the text. 

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