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Dec 03, 2013

I have a couple of slides with 2 show layer triggers. Each layer contain a scrolling panel. The scrolling panel works fine in preview but when the course is loaded and viewed on the iPad, the scrolling panels do not display with sliders. Just the text displays. I was able to scroll a few times by clicking on the scrolling panel but not sure if thats what enabled me to scroll. I really like this feature and would like to get it to work. What can I do?

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Dan Myers

I agree with Nick. Double finger scrolling doesn't work consistently and isn't going to work for the users. Everyone is too trained already to use a single finger to scroll that they aren't going to pick it up.

 On freak occurances I can get scrolling panels to work on an iPhone with one finger. Any suggestions for setting it up to work consistently?

Patrick Ryan

Update 4 did eliminate single finger scrolling on an iPad using HTML5/Safari. I reported this in mid November and support confirmed it and seemed to stumble on the fact that two finger scrolling replaced single finger scrolling. As reported above, two finger scrolling is not consistent. It is simply not acceptable to our clients. We have had to do huge workarounds to eliminate scrolling and our clients request SCORM, HTML5, and the iPad so we can use the Mobile Articulate App. Amazingly, this was not fixed in Update 5.

It is incredible that we now have to request a feature that we all once paid for and is not not functioning now. I encourage everyone to submit a feature request for a single finger scroll for HTML5/Safari iPad that is responsive to every attempt to scroll.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Patrick,

I don't have information to share in regards to what update or version the change in scrolling would appear, but it's something that we've shared with our Engineering and QA team that users have talked about in the forums. It was considered a change in design, which is why we've asked community members to submit feature requests for a one finger scrolling behavior.

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