Scrolling panel appearance change with upgrade to SL3

I've recently switched from SL2 to SL3 and I notice the appearance of scrolling panels (the scroll bar itself) is different, and I can't find any means of changing it. Not only that, it appears different on the stage/editor to how it appears in preview.

See attached - on the left, how it appears when editing. This is perfect! As it used to look. Square, with buttons.

On the right, in preview - smaller, rounded, no buttons. Useless to me. Argh.

What am I missing? Can anybody help? :(

Many thanks!

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Matthew Bibby

The scrollbar in SL2 that you are referring was only in the Flash output. If viewed SL2's HTML5 output it would look different.

If you are using HTML5, the scrollbar will use the browsers default styling. That means that it'll look different in Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Mobile Safari, Internet Explorer etc. In some cases, it won't be visible at all until the user actually starts scrolling on the panel! Test your course in all of the browsers you plan on supporting so you know what to expect.

There is no way to change it.