Scrolling Panel Causing my Layer to dissappear

Sep 22, 2015


I have a tab interaction and the layer that is revealed when the Step One Tab is chosen in the Part One Scene, if I add a scrolling panel to it, for some reason it makes the layer disappear at the end of the timeline and go back to the base layer. Even after I go back and delete the scrolling panel, this problem remains. I've also had this happen a few times when adding other affects, like adding motion paths that make an object just disappear, even after I have deleted the motion path. Can you please help with this? I've attached one with the scrolling panel bug. 



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Richard Karel

HI Sean,  Be sure to "Show until end" all timeline items that are supposed to stay visible at the end of your timeline.  Just right-click on the item and choose "Show until end".  For the Slide Layer Properties, you may want to check the box for "Hide objects on base layer".  I believe this clears up your issue with disappearing items and base layer items?  (see attached)

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