Scrolling Panel Containing Dynamic Text

Apr 29, 2013


Is it possible at add text contained within a variable to a scrolling text panel.

I am currently using a text box containing "%variable name%" and dropping this text box onto the scrolling panel.

The result is that the text appears (at a reduced font size) but there is no scroll bar.

Any help, or clarification that this is not possible, would be appriciated.



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Antony Snow

Hi Matt,

It is possible to include the outcome of a variable in a scrolling panel as per the attached demo. When you say that the scroll bar doesn't appear, it this because the text box you are adding is smaller than the scrolling pane?

In addition, if you want to include the variable outcome in amongst some other text, you don't need to have a separate text box; you can include the variable reference in the text you are adding by typing it as you have above ("%variable name%").


Doug Brown

This is a similar issue to the comments that I placed on:

It would appear that the scrolling panel does not always work properly for variables.

The example that Antony posted (above) only seems to work on my computer, if you pad out the text box with enough text to ensure tha it is lager than the scrolling panel at authoring time.

This seems to be due to the need to set the text to Resize shape to include the variable while also having to be large enough in the story file.

I have attached a modified example(without padding text) to show what I mean:

  1. If you enter a small number of characters say AAAAAA it is Ok
  2. if you enter a large number of charcters say AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BBBBBBBBBBBB CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC the text auto reduces even although it is set to resize shape.

To overcome this you must pad out the text content with enough text to ensure that it is larger than the Scrolling Box

Perhaps this is hard to follow but try the modified version and input the suggested strings & you will see what I mean

This seems to be a bug perhaps?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing the file. I see that you've also posted in this thread too, and since the variable is being changed on the individual slides, it seems to not be working with the scrolling panel on the master as previously described you can only add the items to the slide master itself, not the individual slides. 

periyasamy Thangaraj

Hi Heros,

Am also facing the same problem above answer is adding scroll bar for variable content.

The problem is I need to use single text box for all slides, wherever above 4 line content we are adding there only the scroll bar should be appear balance slide not required.

Any help, or clarification that this is not possible, would be appriciated.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Periyasamy and welcome to Heroes!

In David's previous situation he had tried to add the scrolling panel to the master slide, not the individual slide where he needed it. Are you experiencing the behavior while on the individual slide and adding the scroll panel? Is it possible for you to share your .story file here with us so that we could take a look? If you'd prefer to share it privately, you could also send it along to us here. 

Jeff  Ski

I think I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how exactly the scroll panel works. 

I would like to do the following:

1) put a text box  which contains %textVar% inside a scroll panel.

2) Change the variable "textVar" with what ever text I want


- When the text extends past the textbox "limits" I do not want the text to resize(get smaller). Instead I would like the textbox to expand itself vertically.


1)I would like to put text variable %textVar% directly into the scroll panel (not a text box). And then,


-when the text hits the "limits" of the scroll panel, then the scroll bar will appear on the side.

As of now storyline does not seem to support this.

Patch/plugin/update? any way to make this work?

Nigel Kirkby

I have this exact same issue (wanting scrolling to appear on a large amount of text, but not if it doesn't need it). I notice the last reply was over a year ago. My text box contents are being concatenated from static text and strings of different lengths, so could be anywhere from 6 - 20 lines long, but if I make the text box 20 lines high, then I have unnecessary scroll bars if I only have 6 lines of text.

Has anyone made any progress with this?

Nigel Kirkby

Hi Leslie, attached is my story. As you'll hopefully see, the right hand text box (which isn't in a scrolling panel because it wasn't working) is filled with a mix of static and dynamic text triggered by the radio button sets. What I'm hoping to achieve is that if the text becomes too big for the text box (e.g. by pressing buttons 3, 6 & 9), that it adds scroll bars, rather than resizing the text. But the way text boxes inside scrollable panels work currently seems not to be able to handle this. If you make a tall fixed height text box and put it in a scrolling panel, then that works (but you then have redundant scroll bars on the occasions you don't fill up the text box).

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nigel!

Sounds like you have weighed all of your options.

If you are wanting the scroll panel to be present for the text, then you will have to make the text box larger to accommodate the adjustment. This will cause the seemingly redundant scroll bars on content that does not fill the box.

So, either the method that you are using now or the redundant scroll bars are your options.

I'm quite sure that's not what you wanted to hear, but I hope that is helpful.

Rebecca Orecchia

I am struggling with the scroll boxes and tiny text, myself.  

I am creating an experience where users can read through a narrative on the left of the screen and then take notes (stored in variables) in three different tabs on the right side of the screen.  They are then able to carry this "notebook" with them as they progress to the next stage.  Because I am not aware of how much text each person will enter, I have placed the notes (via variables) in scroll boxes. I had no problem with text entry boxes until someone tried to make a list (pressing the enter key) instead of writing it out as a paragraph.  Now, the notes are shrunk down infinitesimally small when I try to display the them. Could you please help?

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