Scrolling panel in not working in HTML5 output

Aug 12, 2015

I have taken the scroll panel and inside that around 20 elements, its working file in desktop version but when I am running it on the story_html5.html, then scroll panel is not moving atall. Can anybody help plz?

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Ravindra Gardi

Hi Leslie, Thanks for response, I have attached the both the output files and story file. In story.html its working fine, but on story_html5.html its not working.

Note: Please click on the Menu icon on the left, to see scroll panel.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ravindra,

Thanks for sharing that additional information. I tested it in Chrome, and saw that the scrolling panel didn't work in the HTML5 output. I see a similar issue reported to our team, and it seems to be associated with being a part of the layer master - perhaps you could look at including it on the main master or on an individual slide's layer (as I tested the latter and that worked normally). I'll share this thread with our QA team for some additional testing but please look at utilizing the workarounds in the meantime. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ravindra,

I reported it to our team and have tagged this thread for update when there is additional information to share. We're unable to offer a timeframe in regards to a fix or update, but I'll be in touch once there is additional information to share here. Since you're likely subscribed to the thread you'll receive an email notification when staff post any info here. 

René Müller

Hello everybody, I happened to come across this thread here. I am currently dealing with a similar topic. Here's is my "Scenario": 

1) I have a master slide with a menu button on it.

2) Once user clicks this button, it opens the layer menu on the master slide. To make this possible on the "normal slides", I put an Hotspot over the menu button. Works. 

3) On the layer menu, the different chapters and subchapters are also shown in a scroll panel. 

4) tested it 2day in the HTML 5 output --> did not work at the beginning. 

5) Remembered that I've built similiar things in another project. 

6) Found a solution: The scrolling panel must be placed as the first object on the timeline. Thus, the object hierarchy would be for example: 

A) Scroll Panel 

B) Text box 

C) Button 

and so and so forth 

7) Tested the HTML 5 Output in IE, Chrome and Firefox: Works fine from a local base as well as once the module is opened from an online server, 

Just be aware that in Firefox, the scroll panel can only be moved with your scrolling wheel on the mouse pad. 

Hope this helps.






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