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Sep 07, 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm having a rather frustrating problem with the scrolling panel function with Storyline 3. When I create the panel, add text in a text box through the SL3 and then preview it, they work as expected, however, when I publish the course the end of the text within the panel stops about a third of the way down the panel (see the attached screen print). Can anyone help and/or make a suggestion of how I might resolve this problem?



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John Makinson-Sanders

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your response and I've attached a copy of the project (I've opened the normally hidden menu to help you navigate around it a little easier). Additionally, I'm testing the output on a locally held version Internet Explorer. The project would be housed locally on our company's internal SharePoint site so would use the same version of IE to work from (I think!).

Thanks again for your help so far,


John Makinson-Sanders

Hi Leslie,

That does now work for me via the link but not when I change the publishing setting locally, republish and run it again on my machine. 

We have recently had Flash removed corporately which has lead to this issue but I was hoping that running through HTLM5 would solve that issue. But it now seems that that format leads to this problem within the scrolling panel. Can you think of any other way around the problem?

Thanks again for all your help so far,


Leslie McKerchie

Hi John! Glad that is working better for you.

Are you getting a cached version on your machine? Please be sure that you upload it to the intended environment.  When you view a Storyline 3 course on your local hard drive, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that can cause various features of the course to fail. To test your published content and share it with others, it's best to upload it to a web server or LMS. See this article for details.

IE's performance with HTML5 content has to be taken into account here as well. You can use sites such as to see how different browsers handle such content. I know IE 11 scores 312/555 for me vs 510/555 for Chrome :)

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