Remove Automatic Scrolling Panel From Text Box

Feb 23, 2022

Hi All:

I'm attempting to:

1) insert a text box into a scrolling panel, then

2) insert a button at the bottom of the scrolling panel/below the text.

This has never been a problem in the past. However, I keep running into a small issue: When I create my text box, Storyline automatically creates a scroll bar as part of the text box.

I do not want this to happen.

This is a problem because:

1) I cannot insert a button into a [scrolling] text box (instead, it just floats on top of the text box), and

2) when I insert the now auto-scrolling text box into a scrolling panel, it creates 2 scrolling panels.

How do I stop Storyline from automatically creating a scrollbar as part of the text box itself?

I'm using the most up-to-date version of Storyline, if this helps!

Thank you.

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Ron Price

Hello KC

It sounds like your Story has the Project Text Upgraded with the new Text Autofit Improvements. This article should help -

For a while, it was turned on by default.  That has been changed recently.  You may to confirm that you are on the latest update.