Can Storyline lock a hotspot in place in a scrolling panel?

Aug 13, 2012

Hello Heroes...

I've got a problem where I've created a scrolling panel with text that needs to be highlighted. When I put a hot spot in the scrolling panel to make part of a sentence highlight, the hotspot doesn't get pulled into the panel. Instead, it stays in place as though its on the slide and not inside the scrolling box. Grouping the text box and the hotspot together within the scrolling panel doesn't seem to work either.

How would I get around this type of error? Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this? Or come up with a work around if this is a bug?

Thanks for your help,

Jesse Spinella

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Mike Enders


To get this to work, I've added my text and hotspots (outside the scrolling panel) and then grouped them.  Next, move the group into the scroll panel.  Note: It is a bit touchy and may take a number of attempts to get it to enter the panel.  Once there, I recommend using your arrow keys to position the group.