Hotspot in a Scrolling Panel


I am trying to create a slide that has a hotspot inside of a scrolling panel that Is it possible to create a hotspot inside of a scrolling panel that causes the project to go to the next slide when clicked.  I have been able to get the hotspot inside the scrolling panel in that it moves as it scrolls, but when I preview the scene and click where the hotspot should be located it doesn't go to the next slide.  Does anyone know how to fix this/if it is possible to have the hotspot in the scrolling panel?


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Michael Hinze

Are you sure your hotspot is really inside the scrolling panel? Adding content to scrolling panels can be 'finicky'. See attached a file with several hyperlinks and hotspots inside a scrolling panel. The last one in the list jumps to the next slide when clicked.

Michael Hinze

See attached a revised version of my earlier example file that now also includes a screenshot in a scrolling panel and a hotspot over it. That works for me. Could you post your file (or a portion of it) here, so that we can have a look at the scrolling panel?