Scrolling panel won't scroll on iPad with HTML5

Dec 05, 2013


I have a scrolling panel that works exactly as it should on desktop browsers. It does not, however, work in Mobile Safari or in Chrome for iOS6 and iOS7

I've published with Storyline Update 4 and I've had one of my colleagues publish from his computer using the same update, and we both see this problem.

Can anyone please share ideas for what might be happening that's wrong?

Below is a screenshot of the inside of my course. It appears everything is set up correctly. The internal setup matches that of other courses that are correct.

Thanks so much!


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Nick Elkins

Actually - I have a followup question. I have other courses that were published previously that the scrolling panels work as they should in HTML5 in iOS6 and iOS7. But these particular courses were most recently published using Storyline update 3.

Is this a limitation of the way Storyline Update 4 and HTML5 work together?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Nick for the update. The course's that Miker shared with you, you were able to use the scrolling panel with those using the two finger method, correct? There were some fixes in update 4 that were in regards to HTML5 output for iOS7, which is likely why you're update 3 courses may behave a bit differently than update 4. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

The scroll bar won't be seen until the user begins scrolling, and the two finger scroll can be a bit particular. If you're unable to get it working we're happy to take a look at your course to see if there is something else occurring. If you could share the link to a published course and a copy of the Storyline file we're happy to take a look. If you'd prefer to share privately, please let me know and I can send directions to you on how to share it with me. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gayla,

You'll want to let your learners know to use the two finger method, as it's not the "normal" scroll within the iPad. You could use the information below from this support article: 

When viewing HTML5 content in mobile Safari on an iPad or iPhone, use two fingers to scroll through content in scrolling panels.

Tip: Mobile Safari doesn't show scroll bars until you begin scrolling.

byron tik

my scrolling panels appear not to be working at all when I test the html5 version in google chrome in windows, I am trying to scroll to no avail.

regards Byron


Ok I just noticed that the HTML5 scroll entry field won't work in conjunction with additional layers, as soon as i click an extra layer I won't be able to click the scroll bars anymore, unless.......

I hide the layer

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