Scrub bar on inserted video has no effect on timeline

Apr 14, 2022

I have a course where I've placed several videos. For a number of reasons, I've chosen to not use the scrub bar build into the player but am instead using the "Show Video Controls" option for each video. 

The problem I'm having is that when a user scrubs forward on an inserted video, it doesn't scrub them forward on the slide. For example, I have a 30 second video inserted on a slide, making it necessary for me to have a 30 second timeline on that slide. If a user scrubs forward 20 seconds to get to the end, they must still wait the full 30 seconds for the timeline of the slide to complete before they can advance to the next slide.

Is there a way to make the timeline on an inserted video lock to the timeline on the slide so advancing the video also advances the timeline on the slide?


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Walt Hamilton

The only way to lock them is to use the slide timeline for both the video and the slide.

1. Don't show the video timeline.

2. Start the video when the slide timeline starts.

3. Place a filled 95+% transparent shape over the video to prevent it being paused by being clicked.

Advancing the timeline advances both the slide and the video.