Searching photos in Storyline 360

Does anyone have advice on how to search better search the photos available with Storyline 360?  As is, the search engine seems to be problematic and produce too many, often seemingly unrelated, images.  For example, I'm looking for an image of a wet floor.  So, I've tried

wet floor
wet + floor
"wet floor"

and other such variations.  When I search on 'wet floor' (no quotes) I get a picture of a bridge, Niagara falls, a guy standing on a rock as a wave hits it, a school of fish in the ocean, a competitive swimmer diving into a pool, a volleyball in the air, and a whole slew of other water "related" images (like a frog for example) with an occasional floor related picture thrown in.

Compare that to a search on iStockphoto or google where the same search term produces...images of wet floors, mops/buckets, caution-wet floor signs, etc.  In otherwords.  Images that are much more closely related to the search term.

I really want to be able to use the image library and it's something that attracted me to 360, but the search engine seems really poor or else I am missing something.  As is, this is a feature that I have essentially been unable to use.

Thoughts? Advice? Suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul,

Sorry you're having such trouble finding the assets you need but, I wanted to share my colleague Trina's process for honing in on the best photos or assets.

Start with a little word association since one word can mean a lot of different things. Let’s say I need a picture of someone falling for a workplace safety course. If I search “fall,” I end up with lots of images of waterfalls and fall foliage. But if I search for a related term like “safety,” I’m more likely to find something that works.

It can also help to think contextually to broaden your image options. Instead of searching for “boss” or “businessman,” I might search for environments or situations where you’d find those types of people. I’ve found that the results of this approach are relevant to my course and also help me convey the right feeling for my content.

In addition to her tips, there is a great article here on searching for Content Library assets.