Second Quiz and Reporting

Nov 11, 2014

I have been asked to make the following happen in a module through our LMS:

  • Learner goes through content of learning module.
  • There is a quiz at the end of the module. If they pass, they are marked as finished.
  • If they do not pass, they need to go through the module again, and then complete a second quiz. No matter the score, they are to be marked as finished.
  • I need reports as detailed as I can on this information.

I have checked with my LMS forums and as far as we can tell, I can't report on two scores in one module, so I'm looking for creative solutions. 

I am thinking along the lines of building three results slides-one for quiz 1, one for quiz 2, and one that is my reporting page. 

  • Quiz 1 reporting 'pass' page sends them to results slide, and fail sends to beginning of module; variable at end of module content sends to quiz 2 once complete second time.
  • The reporting page has a pass of 0% and everyone sees it as a normal 'congratulations' page and only reports on quiz 2.
  • If report shows 0%, they either passed the first quiz OR didn't answer anything correct on the 2nd quiz.  That's the main part I really don't like.

Any other ideas?

Thanks much, from a cold and snowy Minnesota!



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