LMS quiz tracking fail

Nov 15, 2022


I have a results slide at the end of a course, which pulls the results of 7 quiz slides throughout the course. The course sends the quiz responses to the LMS as expected, the pass mark for the results slide is set at 0% - as we don't need to know if they have pass/failed but want to report on learners responses. 

However, through testing even if I get all of the questions correct, the session grade that shows in the LMS report is fail. Anyone had this before?

I've also noticed on the LMS it shows the learner the attached results message if they attempt to retake the module, even though they got full marks. 

Anyone had this before?




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Jose Tansengco

Hi Jo,

Thanks for reaching out! 

If you're experiencing issues with how your course is reporting quiz data to your LMS, one troubleshooting step that you can try is to test how your course will behave when uploaded to a different LMS. You can use SCORM Cloud for this purpose. Here's how: 

Since your course makes use of multiple results slides, I opened a support case on your behalf so we can have our support engineers take a look at how everything in your course is tied together. Someone from the team will be reaching out shortly to help!