HTML5 publishing - How to stop SCORM completion set with Javascript being overwritten by inbuilt SCORM tracking

Sep 25, 2017

I need to convert a course to HTML5 for a client.  There is an issue with Storyline 360 at the moment where SCORM status including Pass/Fail is not being set correctly in the LMS so I am planning to use some javascript which sets pass/fail as I require and I think i can get this working.  I do still have to pass the quiz results (individual answers and score to the LMS) so I have chosen the option to report on a results slide for SCORM tracking.  The problem I have is that the status I have set (pass or fail) is overwritten by the in-built SCORM tracking.  Can anyone please suggest a way to get around this? 

I have considered passing the quiz results to the LMS by adding a 'submit results' trigger on a slide that is viewed before the results slide I select for the SCORM tracking when publishing, but as I am  still reporting using this results slide the status set in my javascript is being overwritten.  I really need to find a work around for the client now as their new LMS does not allow Flash and the course they purchase from company is of a compliance nature so correctly recording the quiz responses is absolutely essential.  Thanks 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Stephanie, thanks for your post!

You mentioned you're having an issue where SCORM status including Pass/Fail is not being set correctly in the LMS. This is not an issue that I've seen before, so I'd like to take a closer look. 

  • Have you tested the course in another LMS like SCORM Cloud to compare?
  • How is the Pass/Fail status overwritten by the SCORM tracking?

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