Storyline - not passing completion status to LMS correctly

Apr 03, 2014


I have a course which isn't passing a failure status correctly to the LMS.

If I take the course and pass   this shows correctly in the SCORM cloud

If I then take the course again and fail it - it continues to show the completion and passed status in SCORM Cloud

When I check this behaviour with our LMS the completion status pass updates correctly, however a fail always shows as Not Started.

I have removed the option publish for HTML5 .

Report status to LMS is set as passed/incomplete

The results slide shows success or failure layer dependent on the score achieved and has a trigger submit results when timeline begins there is also an exit button to close the course. I have 15 of these to get up and this is the first time to my knowledge I have experienced this problem with Articulate Storyline not recording properly. 

Has anyone any ideas as to what I need to do to achieve the correct status - we host all of our elearning in  CORM cloud

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